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PMRI (Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia) is the Indonesian version of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME)  that has developed by Freudenthal and his Institute at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.  As an innovation in mathematics education in Indonesia, PMRI has been adapted and implemented  in a number of pilot-project schools in Palembang, North Sumatera. This approach is aimed to reform the culture and the quality of mathematics education in the schools.

University of Utrecht in cooperation with Surabaya State University & Sriwijaya University establishes an International Master Program on Mathematics Education (IMPoME) Academic Year 2010-2011. In IMPoME of Sriwijaya University, there is a course which should have been taken, i.e.: Mathematics Classroom Observation/Product Development. This course has purposed to know how teaching and learning processes in primary school which used PMRI. This course also has expectation that the observers will develop their abilities in English, accuracy, evaluation and reflection.

According to last meeting with the lecturer, Mrs. Ratu Ilma Indra Putri, we’ve got some purpose of observation, i.e.:

1.  The observers must make report observation of teaching-learning process in primary school which apply PMRI.

2.  The observers must improve their abilities in language, in accuracy of observation, evaluation, and reflection.

3.  The observes must learn and develop application of PMRI.

First Observation in SD Pusri

My group consists of 3 people,i.e. Anton Jaelani, Ilham Riskianto and I. We have done our first observation on the 20th of May 2010 when we went to SD Pusri, a primary school located in Pusri industry area. At the time we arrived in the school, teachers and staff accepted us friendly. Mrs. Suparmie, the headmaster of the school, known our purposed because mathematics teachers, Mrs. Meliana and Mrs. Rima Yunidar, who ever followed PMRI workshop has already told about IMPoME’s students that will joint with primary school to do observation. She told everything about school, tried help and built good cooperation with us as an observers. We have made an agreement that every Thursday, we will have observed the mathematics teaching and learning processes, especially in class which applies PMRI. We will become observer or teacher in this class. She had been granted for discussion about observation in mathematical learning process with mathematics teacher.

The conversation was continued with Mrs. Meliana, mathematics teacher that ever followed PMRI workshop in Sriwijaya University. She told us that learning process in mathematics as far as her concern hasn’t applied PMRI yet because the number of mathematics teachers that ever followed PMRI seminar and workshop only 2 teachers. Finally, they decided to apply it when there are some students with main field of mathematics education that have willing to guide them and they are ready to give suggestion from their observation.

She said that SD Pusri will make PMRI classes in the next academic year and students in the first grade will receive mathematics learning with applying PMRI. And she also said that they will try to apply PMRI in the fifth grade when they study mathematics, so we can make an observation in this class.

Unfortunately, today, we couldn’t do any classroom observation because PMRI hasn’t applied yet in this school  but the PMRI teacher will try to apply it in fifth grade in another next Thursday. It’s better for us to have much discussion with the teachers and make preparation for the materials and media that will be used in the next academic year.

We carried on walking around the school, accompanied by Mrs. Rima Yunidar, after we had finished discussion with Mrs. Melliana. We went into the classes and took some pictures that related creativities students in mathematics or learning process in the classroom.

1. About SD Pusri

SD Pusri is located on May Zen Komplek Road,  Palembang. SD Pusri lies in Pusri factory area, between TK Pusri and SMP Pusri. Most of people in Palembang choosed this school with an expectation that its can improve the knowledge and abilities of their children.

When we came to the school, there was teaching learning processes for students in the first until fifth grade whereas students in the sixth grade got holiday. The teacher said that hey have finished last examination since last month.

2. Teaching-learning Processes

According to our observation, we had known that teachers in this school shown great dedication for education world and students studied enthusiastically.  When we entered the class, they pleasant looked and regarded us then they continued to study. (See the pictures)

The activities of learning processes

(Picture 1)

(Picture 2)

3. The Creation of Students in Mathematics

Mathematics learning process had made students’ abilities and creativities rose. The products of their creation usually lay in the wall of classroom. (See the pictures)

The creations of students in the fraction topic

(picture 1)

(picture 2)

(picture 3)

The creations of students in the measurements topic

(picture 4)

The creations of students in the geometry topic

(picture 5)

(picture 6)


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