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Observation Report about PMRI in SDN 98 Palembang

Lestariningsih, IMPoME Student 2010, Sriwijaya University


PMRI (Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia) is an innovation approach for developing a quality of mathematics education in Indonesia. This innovation is adapted from RME (Realistic Mathematics Education), the Dutch answer to the need, felt worldwide, to reform the teaching of mathematics, that was laid by Freudenthal and his colleagues. It incorporates views on what mathematics is, how students learn mathematics, and how mathematics should be taught. As an innovation in mathematics education in Indonesia, PMRI has been adapted and implemented in a number of pilot-project schools in Palembang, North Sumatera. As far as I know, there are thirteen primary schools that have become pilot project school in Palembang, and one of these schools is SDN 98 Palembang. I observed this school together with Anton Jaelani and Ilham Rizkianto.

Objectives of Observation

According to last meeting with the lecturer, we’ve got some purpose of observation, i.e.:

1.    Improve my ability in language, in accuracy of observation, evaluation, and reflection.

2.    Develop my knowledge and understanding of research, theory and practice in mathematics teaching and learning which applied PMRI.

3.    Establish links with PMRI teachers in SDN 98 Palembang.

First observation in SDN 98 Palembang

SDN 98 Palembang

We conducted our first observation in SDN 98 Palembang, a primary school located in K.H.A. Azhari Street, 14 Hulu, Palembang,  on May 27th, 2010. It is one of the pilot project schools for applying PMRI in Palembang since nine years ago. At the time we arrived in the school, we found the nice atmosphere because teachers and staff accepted us friendly and relaxed.

There are 12 classes and 16 teachers at SDN 98 Palembang. PMRI approach has being apllied in this school since 9 years ago that start from mathematics teaching and learning in first grade (PMRI class) and add new PMRI class every academic year. Recently, students from first grade to sixth grade have been receiving mathematics teaching and learning that use PMRI approach because all mathematics teacher ever followed or involved in the PMRI training and workshop.

Actually, the aim of our first observation is not only introducing us as the new members of PMRI teams in South Sumatera but also observing the mathematics teaching and learning in classroom that use PMRI approach. Unfortunately, the students have been working an examination since a few days ago therefore the teaching and learning process couldn’t be done until the beginning of next academic year.

Mrs. Sri Multiyanti, headmaster of SDN 98 Palembang, one of the PMRI teachers, told us that the mathematics learning process with applying PMRI approach faced some problems such as the limited source of media that can be used and they didn’t have enough fund to prepare it, besides it, the number of students in the class which more than 30 students also be problem for the teachers. It has made teaching and learning process couldn’t do effectively. She was expecting that this school will have many media to help in the teaching and learning process.

Although the teachers faced some problems in the teaching and learning process, she also said that the implementation of PMRI approach has been producing many advantages for them. Students have good progress in mathematics comprehensions because they feel enjoyable when their teacher teach mathematics to them. Students learn mathematics as their activities since they learn originally from context situations.

The Creation of Students in Mathematics

Mathematics learning process that use PMRI approach has made students’ abilities and creativities develop very well. There are many product of student’s creation that have been shown in the  classroom or shelves such as cone, triangular pyramid and cube. (See the pictures)

Cone and triangular pyramid 0371

Cube 0372



  1. apakan RME sudah pernah di cobakan untuk siswa SMA, karena materi SMA sudah mulai beranjak ke abstrak?

    • RME sudah pernah diujikan di SMU, realistik berasal dari bahasa Belanda, artinya bukan sesuatu yang nyata, tetapi sesuatu yang bisa dibayangkan di otak.

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