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oleh: Lestariningsih


SCHOOL                              : Junior High School

SUBJECT                              : Mathematics

CLASS / SEMESTER             : VIII/2

TIME ALLOCATION             : 2 x 40 minutes

A.  Standard Competence

5. Understanding the properties of cube, cuboids, prism, pyramid, their elements and their size

B.  Basic Competence

5.1. Make nets of cube, cuboids, prism, and pyramid.

C. Learning Objectives

  • Students understand the definition of cube
  • Students find the net of cube
  • Students can determine the net of cube
  • Students understand the definition of cuboids
  • Students find the net of cuboids
  • Students can determine the net of cuboids

D.  Learning Materials


The net of cube


The net of cuboids

E.  Learning Model


      Learning Method



Giving Task

Question & Answer


Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia (PMRI)

  1. F.       Learning Activity

Opening (15 minutes)

  1. Teacher says greeting and makes sure that the students are ready to study.
  2. Students are reminded about plane figure, especially square and rectangle.
  3. Teacher tells the objectives of learning. Those are students understand the definition of cube, find the net of cube, can determine the net of cube, understand the definition of cuboids, find the net of cuboids, and can determine the net of cuboids.

Main Activity (45 minutes)

  1. a.      Exploration (15 minutes)
    1. Students are divided to be some groups and each group consists of 5 students.
    2. Each group is given six cards which have square form.
    3. Students arrange them in a plane such that no one that separated.
    4. Students sketch their work in worksheet.
      1. b.      Elaboration (20 minutes)
        1. Students present their work in front of classroom.
        2. Other groups give their responses to the presentation.
        3. Students are shown a snack box that has cube or cuboids shape.
        4. Student is spread snack box and shows to their friends.
    5. c.       Confirmation (10 minutes)
      1. Students determine their work which ones can form cube.
      2. Teacher guides students to determine which ones are true.

Closing (20 minutes)

  1. Students make conclusion from their learning process that cube net can be defined as a sequence of 6 congruent squares that, if folded in accordance with the lines formed from the two faces, can form a cube and there are no overlapping faces.
  2. Students do exercises individually.

G. Learning Sources

  • Mathematics-for junior high school-year 8. Department of National Education 2010
  • Math for Junior High School- 2nd semester grade 8, Erlangga
  • Worksheet
  • Square cards
  • Snack box
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Palembang, March 31, 2011

Teacher team,

Anton Jaelani

NIM. 20102812007


NIM. 20102812008



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